What is Influential Listening™?

As a speaker, listening is critical to a successful appearance for me. Long before I get on the stage or interact with an audience I am using what I call influential listening skills. When I talk with a Booker, Meeting Planner or anyone from a Speakers Bureau I stop...

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What’s Your Wow?

Did you know that the average adult has an 8 second attention span? It's true! Now more than ever it's important to be clear, concise and comfortable in conversations with people you've just met. How many times have you found yourself fumbling around for an answer to...

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Notes From the Scoreboard

Everyone also asks me what the secret is being a good communicator.  At first I found that question hard to answer. Now I'm 100% sure that after 12,000 interviews there is one thing all good speakers, broadcasters heck good conversationalists have in common. Drum roll...

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