DelaneyMediaGroup Presents: What to Say, How to Say It


Wall to Wall media training from a group of journalists with over 100 years of experience combined. The session focuses on all forms of media including: television, radio, newspapers and magazines to blogging, Skype and all forms of social media.


Learn how to use the platforms and become the sought after expert. You’ll find out how to get media coverage and have them coming back to you again and again for quotes, interviews and more. Plus leveraging your appearances and repurposing the content! Find out how to answer questions that may come up that you’re not expecting, purposeful speaking and driving home 2 to 3 points that stick.

“Kate Delaney took us through some amazing real word exercises including an interview drill with a Washington reporter. There were lots of takeaways, fun and informative.”

—Kelli Gerstner Love VP Bloom Strategic Consulting

“What a seasoned pro, the experience was tremendous. We are using everything we learned and have gotten some amazing exposure as a result.”

—Guy Hatcher CEO of the Company Coach

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Check Kate’s availability for full day and ½ day sessions. Both include a 30 minute phone/Skype follow up one month after the session, longer media mentoring also offered. 

You can reach her at or (214) 335-9441.