Influential Listening®

Accelerate connection for better relationships and Bigger Business

Want to own all of your interactions? AND eliminate the competition? You will when Kate Delaney as the COO and talent of a Radio Network shares the strategies and secrets to being the best LISTENER in the room. Become an Influential listener and like Kate close bigger deals and STOP missing out on closer connection.

Influential Listening Session at Tetra Pak

Influential Listening Session at Tetra Pak


  • Discover specific tactics for not missing words or chunks of a conversation that can cost you a deal or meaningful interactions professionally and personally. As a result relationships will build and deals will close faster.
  • Kill off the distractions from the ridiculous amount of thoughts running through your head to the physical obstacles pulling you away from your conversation. Paying attention equals profits professionally and personally.
  • Powerful Game changing questions, know when to ask them and why. This leads to increased clarification and take the doubt over any next steps to closing a deal.

 “I am still flying high off the adrenaline boost I got from Kate Delaney. She was simply amazing. I would recommend her to anyone holding a conference”

Kathy Tuminello,  Vice Chair for the Louisiana Support Staff Associations of Libraries

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