Did you know that the average adult has an 8 second attention span? It’s true! Now more than ever it’s important to be clear, concise and comfortable in conversations with people you’ve just met. How many times have you found yourself fumbling around for an answer to the question – What do you do?

Why does this give us so much trouble? For many people it’s simply not knowing how to describe what we do. Others do so much they try to mention every project, job and organization that they’re involved in without stopping for air.

One of my favorite things to do in my communication workshops or when I’m coaching a client is finding out their WOW. Here are a few quick tips on trying to find yours. First, clear your mind and write down everything you think of that best describes you. Then write down jobs that you’ve done, places you visited and true passions. Also put down a few things people would surprised to learn about you.

Let me give you an example. I have a friend who owns a flower shop. If you meet Sean for the first time and ask what he does he’d say he single-handedly is responsible for 5,000 smiles a year. Here’s another good one.  My friend Sara is an architect but her response to the What do you do question? She makes people look up. She’s done a few skyscrapers.

Once you think you found your wow you need to live it for awhile. Practice it with the people around you. Does this best describe who you are and what you do? Your Wow by the way doesn’t have to be a career or job. It could be that you’ve painted every type of sunset imaginable or you’ve collected  500 shells from beaches all over the world.

So, What’s Your Wow?